Saying that this project is in trouble is an understatement. There's something about the overall production of 'World War Z' that just isn't working, which is evident over the latest move Paramount's made on this film. From the looks of this news we only have one word for you: ouch.

The Daily Mail reports that Paramount Pictures is looking to reshoot 'World War Z,' which isn't a surprising move for some major movies. The alarming part of this story is that they'll be reshooting the Marc Forster picture for seven weeks. That automatically means that there's more than likely multiple things about this movie that aren't working with their rough cut.

It's also a shame to hear that 'World War Z' is still going through such hard times since it was a struggle to get it out of development in the first place. Brad Pitt stars in the picture that's described as 'The Bourne Identity' meets 'The Walking Dead.'  Currently the film is slated to come out in the summer of next year.

The worst part about this story is Paramount's hand in it all. They already took a major hit by pulling 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' out of it's summer slot and pushing it all the way over to March. Not only are they dealing with reshoots on that production but they have to deal with the wrath of advertisers and merchandise folk who were already banking on this product. Now they're looking to haul one of their bigger projects into the reshoot abyss? It's certainly not a good week or so for Paramount.