How big of a secret was the J.J. Abrams produced 10 Cloverfield Lane? So big that star Mary Elizabeth Winstead didn't even know the movie’s title until an hour before the rest of world did. Up until the trailer for the movie surprised audiences in front of Michael Bay's 13 Hours two months ago, no one outside of the cast and crew knew the upcoming thriller was related to 2008's Cloverfield.

In the movie, Winstead plays Michelle, a woman who wakes up after a car accident to find herself locked in an underground fall-out shelter with John Goodman's Howard. Michelle tried to find a way out, despite Howard's belief that an attack above ground has turned the air toxic.

Winstead told us what it was like to make the top secret thriller and how she played a character who's completely in the dark — in the film, Michelle knows just a little about the supposed attack above the bunker as the audience does. The actress also revealed what it's like to have a Goodman, an actor she grew up watching, yell at her and "terrorize" her on set, and her three must-have items to take to a bunker come the apocalypse. Check out our spoiler-free interview with Winstead above.

10 Cloverfield Lane opens March 11.