Christmas is almost here and one of the tried and true traditions around the holiday season is building a gingerbread house. But why build just a generic house with four walls, a room, some gumdrops and frosting? These artistic bakers were really feeling the Christmas spirit and went and created some amazingly detailed gingerbread houses based on their favorite movies like 'Star Wars,' Ghostbusters' and even 'Godzilla.' Take a look at 12 of the best movie-inspired gingerbread houses below and let us know which one is your favorite!

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    'A Christmas Story'

  • 4

    'The Muppet Christmas Carol'

  • 5

    'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

  • 6

    'The Dark Knight'

  • 7

    'Harry Potter'

  • 8

    'The Empire Strikes Back'

  • 9

    'The Empire Strikes Back' (again)

  • 10

    'Star Trek'

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    'Harry Potter'