YouTube supercuts and mashups have become so commonplace that it's easy to roll your eyes every time someone tells you that you just have to see a new video. And we get it. So, if there's one movies mashup you have to see, it's the 2013 movie trailers mashup that features them all.

Created by YouTuber The Sleepy Skunk, this six-minute, 45-second recap of the past year in movie trailers is one of the best examples of its kind. Assembled with skill and panache, it succeeds stylistically and often thematically, tying together moments from wildly different films with very funny and occasionally moving results. Our personal favorite moment involves dialogue from '42' playing over footage from '12 Years a Slave' before cutting to an explosion from '2 Guns.' In theory, that sounds like it shouldn't work at all, but the execution is truly impressive stuff.

If there's any real downside, it's that we occasionally get reminded that 2013 was home to just as many poor films as great ones. Seeing the likes of 'The Smurfs 2' and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' nestled amongst 'The World's End' and 'Pacific Rim' is really weird. Still, the 2013 movie trailers supercut doesn't claim to be about the best films of the year, so we really can't hold that against its creators.

While we're here, The Sleepy Skunk also created a similar mashup of last year's trailers (see below), just in case one video isn't enough.