It's hard to believe that only a scant year or two ago, '24' fans continually had to wonder if Jack Bauer would ever return for the long-awaited movie rendition of Kiefer Sutherland's growling counter-terrorism agent. We've since seen Jack's grand return 'Live Another Day' on FOX, but has the rebooted series finally gotten the ball rolling on a movie development, or merely another round of TV?

According to TVLine, Imagine Entertainment has reportedly begun kicking around a new feature film idea, though it remains unclear if the idea would end up recycled in another medium if the studio passed. Imagine chairman Brian Grazer has also been said to be "particularly keen" on the movie pitch in its nascent stages, at least before the idea is officially floated to 20th Century Fox.

When '24: Live Another Day' came to its 12th episode finale, producer Howard Gordon seemed uncertain if another season would arrive on FOX in 2015, likely remaining in the network's back pocket and allowing cast and crew time to re-energize. Even so, FOX would need to be certain of the movie's profitability over another season, which 'Live Another Day' more or less proved could stay dormant without losing steam.

For those who missed out on the rebooted series, ’24: Live Another Day’ featured a cast that included 'Dexter‘ star Yvonne Strahovski as a CIA analyst hunting Bauer,  returning Audrey Raines (Kim Raver) and James Heller (William Devane), ‘Game of Thrones‘ star Michelle Fairley, ‘Hostages‘ star Tate Donovan, Stephen Fry, Benjamin Bratt as the head of CIA operations in London, and Michael Wincott as an infamous hacker. ‘Live Another Day’ also maintained the returning ’24′ team of writers/producers Howard Gordon (‘Homeland‘), Evan Katz, Manny Coto, David Fury, Robert Cochran, Brian Grazer, Jon Cassar and Kiefer Sutherland.

Well, what do you think? Should '24' stay dormant until its next rebooted season, or finally make the leap to movie screens? What story could prove so epic as to outdo 8.5 seasons of "damn it!" from the comfort of our living rooms?

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