Good news, nerds!  In spite of all that earlier hullabaloo, Alec Baldwin's displeasure and doubt looming over the future of NBC meta-comedy '30 Rock,' the network has confirmed that the show will indeed return for a seventh, and final season.  But the real question is, based on initial reports, just how short is the episode order?

Worry not, '30 Rock' fans, our beloved TGS with Tracy Jordan will be given its proper send off with a reduced, but still reasonable 13-episode final season.  Initially, NBC had eyed a deal to bring '30 Rock' and its other Thursday night comedies 'Community' and 'Parks and Recreation' back for shortened, 14-15 episode seasons, though '30 Rock as of now remains the only one locked down for certain.

While fans patiently await news of 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community' given all the other series NBC seems to be picking up, the network has also granted a fourth season to the family dramedy 'Parenthood,' consisting of 15 episodes.  Though on the bubble, the show's middle-of-the-road ratings made it a safe, if uncertain bet.  Other existing series to be renewed include 'Law & Order: SVU,' and freshman dramas 'Grimm' and Smash.'

We're almost there, folks!  NBC's Upfront event is just days away, and we've heard good rumblings with regard to our other favorite comedies.  So buck up for now, and get ready for a final season of '30 Rock!'  Tell us of your joy in the comments, because we want to go to there!

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