After '30 Rock's' first live show back in 2010, viewers knew they'd be treated to a few surprise celebrity cameos during last night's second live outing but fans on the west coast might be feeling a little cheated after learning that east coast viewers got Paul McCartney while they were saddled with...Kim Kardashian.

Sure Kim Kardashian and her famous derriere are no substitute for a rock n' roll legend and Knight of the Order of the British Empire but west coast fans also got NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams while East Coasters got more of Lorne Michaels' go-to-guy, Jon Hamm.

The Kardashian/McCartney cameo saw Kenneth usher the stars into Jack's office to use the bathroom, right after Liz talks up the spontaneity of live TV.

Check out both cameos below for yourself and see who made the bigger entrance (not including Kardashian's rear end).