Tina Fey’s big SNL return alongside Amy Poehler virtually guaranteed that the duo would reprise their iconic roles as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, but less assured was that Palin herself would take bizarre potshots at Fey in a fully-formed 30 Rock parody of her own. Won’t you gaze into the abyss with us, or at least wrap your head around John McCain as Jack Donaghy?

“Cleverly” dubbed “31 Rock,” the bizarre parody sees the former Vice Presidential candidate putting on her best Liz Lemon as Lynn Melon “a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show.” As if the appearance of John McCain weren’t unexpected enough, there’s also actual 30 Rock star Kevin Brown, seemingly reprising his role as Dot Com.

Don’t get your hopes up (or rather breathe a sigh of relief) for an actual series however, as the ad appears only to be a promotion for the Independent Journal. Either way, sick burn, Palin! That’ll teach Tina Fey to .. have a successful public image and diverse body of work.