It may be a banner day for NBC now that the mid-season line-up has officially been set, including a returning 'Community,' but it also carries with it a grim reminder that we're approaching the end of '30 Rock!'  Sure, we have plenty of time for the moment, but the end of days is nigh!  So what better way to commemorate upcoming episode "There's No I in America" than with a new round of clips?  Will the series get even more political?

The election may be over in a week or so, but that doesn't mean '30 Rock' has to stop having fun with politics!  This Thursday will see the continuation of last week's "Unwindulax," as Jenna Maroney is seemingly granted power over the 2012 Presidential election, despite the fact that she believes "There's No I in America."  But surely Jenna's isn't the only vote that matters!

We've obtained two new clips from Thursday's all new episode courtesy of TVLine and The Hollywood Reporter, which could just turn the tide of the election!  In the first clip, Kenneth finally gets the right to vote, while in the second, Liz and Jack attempt to court Jenna to sway her followers toward their respective sides?

So who will end up the victor?  Why you, of course, by tuning in to watch Thursday's all new '30 Rock' episode 'There's No I in America!'