As we approach the theatrical release of '300: Rise of an Empire' and the first reviews slowly trickle out -- with our own Mike Sampson briefly summarizing it as "equal parts legitimately good, legitimately bad and so-bad-it's-good" -- Warner Bros. unleashed a massive new look at Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton duking it out on the high seas.

As the producers (including 'Man of Steel' helmer Zack Snyder) and director Noam Murro previously said, this is not a sequel to '300,' though it does contain the same style of special effects and sweaty, beefed-up hunks going berserk. Taking place during the same time frame as the first film, '300: Rise of an Empire' shifts our view to see what's happening on the Aegean Sea as general Themistokles (Stapleton) leads the Greek navy against the Persians, led by Xerxes' (Rodrigo Santoro) deliciously sinister Artemisia (Green).

Many critics who've already seen the film are giving major cudos to Green for her performance as the real mastermind of the story. As we've seen in trailers for the film, she's the one who sets into motion Xerxes' transformation into the "God King," as a means of satisfying her own revenge-fueled hunger.

Green, Santoro and Stapleton are all featured in the massive '300: Rise of an Empire' photo gallery, in addition to 'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey, who, although she is playing one of the Grecian good guys here, still evokes a hint or two of Cersei Lannister. Check out all the pics below, as '300: Rise of an Empire' hits theaters on March 7.