You've probably never heard of 'Fire With Fire,' and that's because we hadn't either, until just now when someone apparently pulled the mangled remains of a trailer out of some garbage can and said, "Here, internet, you take this. You take it and you cherish it." That person was most likely a hobo, but who's to say?

'Fire With Fire' has an impressive cast list, including Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D'Onofrio, Richard Schiff, and Vinnie Jones. Oh, and 50 Cent also makes an appearance, which makes some sense considering this trailer looks like it came from a bargain basement.

What we want to know is: did they spend their entire budget on big names? Where did all this money come from? Who looked at this and said, "Yeah, okay. We've got twenty indie filmmakers over here with ideas that range from quirky allegories about the human condition featuring whimsical, metaphorical talking flatware, to intense meditations on life and love as told through the eyes of a 90 year old man who still believes the Earth is flat and is trying to walk to the end of it with a disenfranchised black youth. But this movie looks fresh as hell, and if we don't make it, 50 Cent will DIE TRYING. Green light!"

Also: is Bruce Willis worried about something? What does he know that we don't?

What's it about? The story follows a firefighter (Duhamel) who is called in to testify against a criminal. When he goes into the witness protection program and is found, he has to -- surprise! -- fight fire with fire and go all rogue to protect his wife. So basically you saw this movie in the middle of the afternoon on USA in the mid-90s.

This trailer almost guarantees direct-to-DVD status,  and a brief glimpse at IMDB reveals only one foreign release date to cement that: September 12. Mark your calendars, Denmark, 'cause 50 Cent is going to make you watch this movie... or die tryin'.