They really will throw anything up on an IMAX screen these days. The latest film heading to the mega-screen is ‘50 Shades of Grey’—because we really need to experience all this film has to offer, including Christian Grey’s “singular tastes” on an even bigger screen than normal. Now he’ll be so big that you’ll be able to count Jamie Dornan’s leg hairs. Place your bets now. I’m going with 1,265 leg hairs.

According to Deadline, ‘50 Shades of Grey’ will be released on 75 IMAX screens this week, in an effort to appeal to a different kind of audience—you know, like the kind of audience who’s really into “butt stuff.” Upcoming films ‘Focus’ and ‘Chappie’ are also hitting IMAX screens, as the company works to bring in more annual revenue and diversify its mega-screen offerings.

It’s not totally insane to screen ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in IMAX theaters, especially as it’s been promoted as an “event” film. It was recently revealed that the movie quickly became the fastest-selling R-rated movie in online history, so who wouldn’t want to break themselves off a piece of that sweet action? IMAX knows what’s up. Money is what’s up.

Also up: your head, as you crane your neck to desperately take in every IMAX-sized moment of steamy, ridiculous drama-sex. More like CLIMAX, right? ‘50 Shades of Grey’ hits theaters—and IMAX—on February 13.

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