SNL had itself an understandably busy weekend with all the 40th anniversary festivity, but February 28 will see the longrunning NBC sketch comedy series whipped back into shape, and appropriately so. 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson will take the stage on February 28 as our first post-40 SNL host, and those bondage jokes are a-comin’.

SNL made the announcement in a direct, if unorthodox fashion, as Johnson herself raised her hand during Jerry Seinfeld‘s segment of the 40th anniversary special, declaring herself the next host, and asking advice. Johnson didn’t have a musical guest in the audience to announce themselves as such, though considering all the talent gracing the star-studded New York gala event, NBC hasn’t lost any of its musical pull over the last 40 years.

While 50 Shades of Grey will have been taking critical punishment in theaters for two weeks by then, we have to imagine the SNL staff readying their whips to take aim at Johnson with a few parodies. Johnson herself has at least some comedy credit to her name as well, starring in FOX’s Ben and Kate and the 21 Jump Street reboot.

SNL may be a bit grey in the temples by its 40th anniversary, but what new shades can Dakota Johnson bring out? Who should join as the first musical guest of our new SNL era? Catch Johnson making her announcement in the highlight below.

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