Now that SNL’s big 40th anniversary special lies behind us, with the God of Thunder in our future, this coming Saturday will whip SNL back into shape with the expert help of 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson. Preview our first post-40 SNL installment with all the Christian Grey references you can handle in the latest promo!

Low-hanging fruit though it might be, the newest 2015 SNL preview sees Taran Killam rounding the bases of 50 Shades of Grey references, joking about ties, actual shades of grey, and even Johnson’s mother Melanie Griffith’s reaction to the movie. We’re likely to have at least one major parody sketch of the blockbuster bondage flick, though Killam at least livens things up by harping on Johnson’s other famous parent, Miami Vice star Don Johnson.

SNL newcomer Johnson will be joined by musical guest Alabama Shakes for the February 28 installment, while the following week will see Thor himself, Avengers: Age of Ultron star Chris Hemsworth taking the stage for the first time, alongside the Zac Brown Band. We’ve included Dakota Johnson’s SNL promo above, but will the first post-anniversary episode keep the momentum going, or end up bound and gagged?

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