We're nearly twenty five years removed from the release of the first 'Die Hard' movie, and 'A Good Day to Die Hard' release coincides with the first film's silver anniversary. And though the connective tissue may be strained, we're down for a Bruce Willis action fest, so this featurette for the new film gets us a little excited.

But this one focuses on Jai Courtney, who plays John McClane's son Jack, and whose character is a deep cover CIA operative working in Russia. Dad comes to town to help kill people in a (likely) PG-13 friendly way. This is Courtney's big break, as though the Australian has had some TV roles, this is the big time. That McClane's son is being played by an Aussie might be a bit of a disappointment as John McClane is an all American hero, but when Superman, Batman and Spider-Man are all played by Brits, it's now par for the course.

'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens February 14, 2013, and perhaps the lowered expectations of an early year release will engender some goodwill if the film is delivers a slightly above average action film. There's no way it'll be as good as the first, we're just hoping it's better than - say - 'Safe House.'

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