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‘The Exception’ Trailer: Nazi Jai Courtney Spies on a King
There are a number of interchangeable male actors who inexplicably seem to be dominating the Hollywood scene these days. Some have been more successful than others, some have stuck to indies or sci-fi blockbusters, and they all look like Sam Worthington. The latest upcoming World War II-set historical romance features the Sam Worthington who is Jai Courtney, star of Terminator: Salvation and Suicide Squad, who plays a Nazi officer who falls in love with a Dutch-born Jewish woman while he is investigating Kaiser Wilhelm.
Shia LaBeouf Comes Home From War in ‘Man Down’ Trailer
It’s hardly a secret that the American military has no idea what to do with its veterans, often leaving the traumatized men to fall through the cracks due to a lack of support. As the newly released trailer for the upcoming action-drama Man Down amply shows, soldier Gabriel Drummer (Shia LaBeouf, mercifully free of his American Honey rat-tail) has more than his fair share of baggage when he returns home from an extended tour of duty in an unidentified conflict. But he’ll have to contend with more than poverty and the guilt over watching his brother-in-arms (Jai Courtney) die; turns out that while he was away fighting to protect it, America went right to hell anyway.
12 Ways ‘Suicide Squad’ Makes No Sense
The box-office records it demolished over the weekend aren’t the only broken parts of Suicide Squad. For all its admittedly impressive financial success, the movie’s story is shockingly incoherent, and that’s when the film has a story at all. Sure, Will Smith was great and Margot Robbie made an impressively committed Harley Quinn. But in much the same way the Suicide Squad is held hostage in Midway City by sinister bureaucrats, Smith, Robbie, and company are trapped in a movie that gives them very little play and makes even less sense.
Jai Courtney Says It’s Time to Leave ‘Terminator’ Alone
If you interview the star of a major franchise and you don’t ask them about the future of said franchise, then did your interview ever really happen at all? We may never know the answer to such existential journalistic questions, but thanks to a new interview, we now know how Jai Courtney feels about the possibility of making more Terminator movies. The answer: No…but maybe yes?
More ‘Suicide Squad’ Photos Reveal the Full Rogues Gallery
Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly revealed four new covers featuring the cast of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, which has taken over the latest edition of the magazine. As you probably assumed, that was just the tip of the iceberg, as even more new photos have arrived showing off the full rogues gallery (along with Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller) from the highly-anticipated anti-hero team-up.
New ‘Suicide Squad’ TV Spots Assemble the Worst of the Worst
Suicide Squad is one of our most anticipated films of the summer — mostly because after a few months of watching heroes save the world in big blockbusters, it’ll be fun to see a team of villains swoop in to shake things up. If Amanda Waller is to be believed in these new TV spots, these guys (and a couple of ladies) are the worst of the worst, but maybe that’s what we need right now.
Rumor: WB Considering More ‘Suicide Squad’ Spinoffs
Recent news of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn spinoff confirms what we already assumed: she’s the best part of Suicide Squad. But if a new rumor proves to be true, she may not be the only charismatic member of Task Force X, as Warner Bros. might be considering giving a couple of her villainous co-stars spinoffs of their very own. To be honest, a Captain Boomerang solo movie doesn’t seem like something that would ever actually happen, but WB has done wackier things in recent years.
Watch a New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer!
Reshoots or no, the latest trailer for Suicide Squad debuted tonight during the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, offering a new sneak peek at David Ayer’s gritty super villain team-up. Packed with action, the trailer offered some new footage of DC’s Worst Heroes Ever, including Batman, The Joker and another classic 70s rock song...

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