Released in 1992, 'A League of Their Own' told a fictionalized version of the true story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League -- a league of female baseball players created as a gimmick when World War II threatened to shut down Major League Baseball. Starring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks, the film followed the triumphs and trials, both personal and public, of the ladies' league, as they went from unknowns to major stars. 21 years later, we take a look back at this heartwarming comedy drama and see what the cast is up to now. 

Tom Hanks, Jimmy Dugan

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Then: Tom Hanks played Jimmy Dugan, a former baseball player and alcoholic recruited to be the Rockford Peaches' manager. To prepare for the role, Hanks gained 30 pounds, which he attributed to a nearby Dairy Queen.

Now: Hanks recently appeared in the true-life drama film ‘Captain Phillips’ as the film’s titular protagonist, and as Walt Disney in ‘Saving Mr. Banks,’ which chronicles the making of ‘Mary Poppins.’ Hanks was announced as executive producer on HBO’s miniseries ‘Olive Kitteridge’ (coming next year) and as a producer on the in-development ‘American Gods’ TV series. In addition, he’ll also reprise his role as Robert Langdon in ‘Inferno,’ based on Dan Brown’s novel.

Geena Davis, Dottie Hinson

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Then: Geena Davis played the lead role of Dottie Hinson, an amazing hitter and one of the greatest female baseball players of all time. Debra Winger was originally supposed to play the role of Dottie, but had to back out just weeks prior to shooting due to a back injury.

Now: Davis has appeared in 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' and the 'Stuart Little' films, and portrayed the President of the United States on the short-lived series 'Commander in Chief (2005-2006). She is currently the head of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which researches and provides statistics on female representation to work with the entertainment industry to increase the presence of female characters in media aimed at children. She recently appeared in Lake Bell's indie film 'In a World' as a powerful studio executive in a scene that cleverly nods to her real-life work.

Lori Petty, Kit Keller

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Then: Lori Petty played Kit Keller, Dottie's slightly less talented younger sister -- Kit is a pitcher who is desperate to prove herself, both as a player, and as worthy as her sister. Petty previously starred in 'Point Break,' and just a year later appeared in 'Free Willy.'

Now: Petty went on to star in the failed comic book film 'Tank Girl,' and made her directorial debut in 2008 with 'The Poker House,' a film that she also wrote and which features Jennifer Lawrence in her first major film role. Petty's most recent acting credits were on the shows 'The Cleaner' and 'Prison Break,' and she had a supporting role in the 2010 movie 'Chasing 3000.'

Megan Cavanagh, Marla Hooch

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Then: Megan Cavanagh made her big screen debut as Marla Hooch, a young woman who is incredibly talented at pitching but is almost not selected for the league based on her homely looks. Cavanagh went on to appear in 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' the following year, and reprised the role of Marla Hooch for the short-lived 'League of Their Own' TV series.

Now: Cavanagh has appeared in the films 'For Richer or Poorer' and 'Big Stan,' and on shows like 'Friends' and 'Home Improvement' (where she had a recurring role). Openly lesbian, Cavanagh starred on the Logo network's lesbian comedy series 'Exes and Ohs' from 2006 until 2009. She appears in the upcoming film 'Girltrash: All Night Long.'

Rosie O'Donnell, Doris Murphy

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Then: Rosie O'Donnell played the brassy, loud-mouthed Doris Murphy, who uses the league as an escape from her husband back home.

Now: O'Donnell hosted her own talk show until 2002, and appeared in films like 'The Flintstones' and 'Now and Then.' She has guest-starred on 'Will and Grace,' 'Nip/Tuck,' and 'Drop Dead Diva,' and currently appears on the ABC Family series 'The Fosters.'

Madonna, "All the Way" Mae Mordabito

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Then: Madonna, better known to mere mortals as the Queen of Pop, played Mae Mordabito, Doris' best friend and another tough-talking New Yorker. Her teammates call her "All the Way" Mae. It wasn't Madonna's first foray into acting, and it wouldn't be her last: she previously appeared in 'Desperately Seeking Susan,' and in the '90s she also starred in 'Dick Tracy,' 'Four Rooms,' and 'Evita.'

Now: Madonna continues to put out albums (she's released 12, including 2012's MDNA) and sell out on massive worldwide tours. In 2008 she produced the documentary 'I Am Because We Are,' and in 2011 she made her directorial debut with 'W.E.,' starring Abbie Cornish and James D'Arcy.

Jon Lovitz, Ernie Capadino

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Then: Former 'SNL' star Jon Lovitz played Ernie Capadino, the scout sent out to recruit talented young women for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Lovitz had previously appeared with Tom Hanks in 'Big.'

Now: Lovitz has appeared in several of his former 'SNL' co-star Adam Sandler's films, including 'The Wedding Singer,' 'Little Nicky,' and more recently, 'Hotel Transylvania' and 'Grown Ups 2.' He had a recurring role on the recently-canceled TVLand series 'Hot in Cleveland' and starred on the 2013 CW sitcom 'Mr. Box Office' with Bill Bellamy and Tim Meadows, which ran for one season.