Kate Winslet is basically the queen of period drama. When you think period drama, you think Kate Winslet in fussy, suffocating clothing. So it’s no surprise that Winslet has once again returned to the genre that first introduced her to mainstream audiences—this time for Alan Rickman (yes, that Alan Rickman), who directed and co-stars with Winslet in ‘A Little Chaos.’ The first trailer for the upcoming film has arrived, in which our reigning queen of period drama gets a lot of side-eye from some upper-class French people at Versailles.

Winslet stars as Madame Sabine De Barra, a woman hired to be the landscape architect at the work-in-progress palace of Versailles. Sabine causes quite the commotion, challenging gender and class stereotypes when she arrives to build a garden at the palace for King Louis XIV. While there, the willful Sabine becomes involved with the famous architect Le Nôtre and attracts a whole lot of attention from those around her.

‘A Little Chaos’ is Alan Rickman’s second directorial effort (he also wrote the screenplay), and also stars Matthias Schoenaerts (‘Bullhead,’ ‘The Drop’) and Stanley Tucci. The film previously debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, but you’ll be able to see it fairly soon when it hits theaters on March 27, 2015.