Just yesterday came word that Charlie Sheen would be playing the President in 'Machete Kills.' Today we have another actor ready to take on that role but for some reason Aaron Eckhart makes a much more believable President than Charlie Sheen...

The Playlist reports that Aaron Eckhart will be taking on the role of the strong-chinned president in 'Olympus Has Fallen' co-starring alongside Gerard Butler as our former secret service agent ready to bust heads for the safety of our country.

Every couple of years there'll be one story, that's being done by at least two studios. 'Olympus' is one of those movies.

The film focuses on a former secret service agent who must step up to the plate and save his nation when terrorists take over the White House. It sounds like a great popcorn flick premise, but it automatically begins to loose its luster when you realize that 'White House Down' is essentially the same story. It's like showing up at a party and finding a girl who's wearing the same dress as you. It's an awkward moment, you're not sure what to say and you're not sure if you should be that girl who leaves the party to change. We must imagine this is how Roland Emmerich and Antoine Fuqua feel about their projects at this moment.

Since the two are currently in pre-production, it'll be amusing to see which of the two backs down. Perhaps a lawsuit will spawn off of this? Who knows. But which one of these two would you see. Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler in 'Olympus Has Fallen' or Channing Tatum in Roland Emmerich's 'White House Down'?

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