There were many that bemoaned that 'Fringe' seemed to borrow from the classic 'X-Files' set up of an opposite-sex team investigating the paranormal, but across five seasons 'Fringe' managed to differentiate itself in ways that have come to make it one of the more beloved sci-fi series in years. Can the same be said of ABC's upcoming drama 'Weird Desk,' which once again sees two partners looking into the void for its summer 2013 run? Judge for yourself inside...

Those who want to rail against the world that Hollywood never comes up with any original ideas might want to get the complaints out of of their system early. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has picked up new paranormal procedural 'Weird Desk' for a 13-episode summer 2013 run, an investigative series with a premise that sounds supernaturally familiar.

Written by 'Stargate's Carl Binder and 'The Librarian's David Titcher, 'Weird Desk follows the stubborn, yet brilliant Morgan and his special forces partner Rosetta, two members of a top-secret organization that investigates the paranormal, supernatural and occasionally extra-terrestrial. Shades of 'The X-Files,' much? Even 'Fringe,' if we're making that leap?

Produced by Tom Mazza and Maggie Murphy, the series will air in the summer of 2013 as a counterpoint to ABC's scandalous soap 'Mistresses'  Would you tune in for 'Weird Desk,' or does the premise sound a bit too familiar to you?

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