Drafthouse Films -- in conjunction with Timspon Films and Magnet -- brought together 26 filmmakers to create the ultimate horror anthology: 'The ABCs of Death.' While the film doesn't come out until September, you can check out the first official poster now.

The anthology film has united a wide scope of genre directors -- names like Ti West, Simon Rumley, and Adam Wingard, to name a few -- and given them each one letter to make a short film where the cause of death has to represent their given letter.

It's a brutal distillation of intense violence and horror, and judging from the sizzle reel shown at this year's SXSW film festival, 'The ABCs of Death' is an unrelenting, anarchic assault on the senses.

This official poster (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) takes a literal approach, but it's creepy, simple, and effective.