You may have never heard of Dangerous Men, but that lack of awareness will serve you well when Drafthouse Films’ upcoming release is unleashed in all of its insane, baffling glory this November. Joining previous repertory titles like Roar, The Visitor and Miami Connection, Dangerous Men is a fitting addition to the Drafthouse Films library — and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. To prepare you for the brain-melting you’ll soon endure, we have two exclusive character posters from this absolutely crazy movie.

Drafthouse Films has a solid track record with their releases, from the psychedelic ferocity of A Field in England to the breathtaking poignancy of documentaries The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, and the great intensity of their most recent release, The Keeping Room. The company has also given new life to a handful of excellent, lesser-seen older films, like Dangerous Men, a film that took two decades to complete before it finally, quietly hit theaters in 2005.

Described by the company as “The holy grail of holy f—ing s—,” Dangerous Men is the brainchild of Iranian-American writer, director and producer John S. Rad, who has crafted a film experience (and oh, what an experience it is) unlike any you’ve witnessed before. The film debuted at Fantastic Fest in September and completely blew my mind with its tale of a vengeful woman who discovers a penchant for murder when she sets out to kill the man responsible for her fiancé’s death, taking her on an absurd, violent journey. But this isn’t just the story of Mina. I’ll let the official synopsis explain;

After Mina witnesses her fiancé’s brutal murder by beach thugs, she sets out on a venomous spree to eradicate all human trash from Los Angeles. Armed with a knife, a gun, and an undying rage, she murders her way through the masculine half of the city’s populace. A renegade cop is hot on her heels, a trail that also leads him to the subhuman criminal overlord known as Black Pepper.

Our two exclusive posters feature Mina and her dearly departed fiancé, Daniel, a totally wholesome couple who help ease you into the absurd insanity of this film:

Drafthouse Films
Drafthouse Films

I don’t want to say much else because Dangerous Men is a film you need to experience in a theater with an audience. If you suspect that you know where this cult gem is heading, be warned that this is one of the most unpredictable and baffling movies ever made — you have no idea what you’re getting into.