The other day we debuted two exclusive character posters for Drafthouse Films’ latest repertory release, Dangerous Men, a film so absurd and baffling that you have to see it to believe it. In keeping with the company’s previous wild releases like Roar, The Visitor and Miami Connection, their latest title unearthed from film archives is unlike anything you’ve ever seen — or anything you will see ever again, maybe. The first trailer has arrived, promising murder, mayhem, bikers, fist fights, and more nonsense than SNL’s Stefon could pack into an imaginary night club.

We caught Dangerous Men when it premiered at Fantastic Fest, about 10 years after it was unceremoniously released into a whopping four movie theaters and to be honest, it’s one of the most exceptional theatrical experiences you’ll ever have — but you should probably see it with an audience so you can bask in your collective “WTF” reactions.

It took director (and producer, and writer, and editor, and…) John S. Rad 26 years to complete this labor of insane love. Essentially, it’s a film about a woman who finds delight in seeking revenge on the man responsible for her boyfriend’s death, and soon finds a new calling in life: murdering bad dudes. But then the film takes a hard, bonkers veer to the left as the detective tracking the woman finds himself on the heels of criminal mastermind Black Pepper. Yes, this is a movie in which a bad guy is named Black Pepper and you will see it and you will still not believe it — but you might love it.

Dangerous Men is hitting select theaters on November 13, followed by a VOD release sometime in December, but I implore you to see this in a theater if and when possible.