The red band trailer for 'The ABCs of Death' is here, and really, we wouldn't expect anything less than a mind-numbing assault on the senses, even in trailer form.

Brainchild of producer Ant Timpson and the Alamo Drafthouse's Tim League, 'The ABCs of Death' brings together 26 directors showing us 26 ways to die. Each director was assigned a different letter of the alphabet and asked to create a short film using a word that begins with their letter (T is for Toilet, and so on) to showcase a different way to make someone die.

The team gathered an insane array of directors, including Jason Eisener ('Hobo with a Shotgun'), Ti West ('The Innkeepers'), Ben Wheatley ('Kill List'), Srdjan Spasojevic ('A Serbian Film'), and many, many more to bring you a full-on mental assault with brutality, blood, guts, and even quite a bit of humor.

Below, view the red band trailer for the film, which gives you some snippets of various shorts and does the best it can do at being a trailer for a film that has no overall narrative or traditional structure. If the images below intrigue you, then you can check out 'ABCs of Death' when it hits VOD on January 31, followed by a theatrical release in March.