Proving that studios will make a trend out of just about anything, our 16th president is the latest hot commodity. There is now a third film in the works about Abraham Lincoln  -- 'The Green Blade Rises,' produced by Terrence Malick. German actress Diane Kruger has just signed on to play Abe's stepmother.

Deadline reports that Kruger will play Sarah Lincoln, Abraham's stepmother in 'The Green Blade Rises,' written and directed by A.J. Edwards. This film will follow Abe's upbringing, including the tragedies and hardships that made him one of America's greatest heroes in the fight for civil rights (you gotta fight for your civil right to party). Most interestingly is the focus on the two women who influenced him the most -- one of whom was his stepmother Sarah Lincoln, who taught him how to read, and the other was probably his wife Mary Todd.

'The Green Blade Rises' will be filmed in black and white and chronicles Lincoln's early years in Indiana. Production is set to begin this fall. The film follows in the footsteps of the divisive 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' and Steven Spielberg's upcoming 'Lincoln,' starring Daniel Day-Lewis as one of America's most beloved presidents and one of the founding fathers of bearded hipsters everywhere.

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