While FX has entertained a number of pilots over the last year to fill imminent holes in the schedule, we've just learned that the cable network has officially begun handing out series orders. First up is an adaptation of Danish TV series 'Bron' titled 'The Bridge,' set along the US border between El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico. The new drama stars Diane Kruger and comes to us from 'Homeland' writer/producer Meredith Stiehm, but will it be worth your while as the next great FX drama? Get the latest on 'The Bridge' inside!

FX's latest drama 'The Americans' still stands on somewhat shaky ground ratings-wise, but the cable network's next big drama may have only just arrived. Sources report that FX has given a 13-episode order to US border drama 'The Bridge,' starring Diane Kruger and Demián Bichir in a remake of the Danish series set between Denmark and Sweden.

Developed by 'Homeland' writer/executive producer Meredith Stiehm and 'Hawaii Five-0' producer Elwood Reid, 'The Bridge' follows one detective from the United States and one from Mexico, who must work together to hunt down a serial killer operating on both sides of the US-Mexican border.

“For years networks having been trying develop a drama series set on the US-Mexican border without any success,” said FX President John Landgraf. ”I’m thrilled to say that Meredith Stiehm and Elwood Reid have become the first to crack that creative code and they have done so magnificently. There have been great films set in that world – 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Lone Star' come to mind – but never a great TV series. This one is special. The setting, the writing, the direction, and the way it is brought to life by Demián Bichir, Diane Kruger and the rest of the cast makes for truly riveting drama.”

FX is targeting the series for a July release, but what say you? Could 'The Bridge' be the next great FX drama?

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