Here’s something you don’t hear everyday: “I was lucky in the fact that I was hit by a cement truck as a kid.”

Workaholics’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Adam DeVine hit ‘The Late Show’ last night, where he shared a little bit about his genesis as a rising comedy star with host David Letterman. Turns out, yes, DeVine feels as if he owes some of his success to literally being hit by a cement truck as a child. No, really.

DeVine’s reasoning for believing this, however, is kind of interesting and tough to argue with. For one, he couldn’t walk for two years—which sounds terrible!—but it freed up his comedic chops and ability to say anything he wanted, because who is going to hit the kid in the wheelchair? For another, he sort of used it as blackmail to let his parents pursue a career in comedy. Nothing like a little, “Hey, Mom and Dad, remember that time I almost died? Let me be free!” to loosen up the parentals.