The world has literally lit up with Adam West tributes since the Batman star’s tragic passing over the weekend, and we’ll have at least one more chance to honor the staccato “Bright Knight.” Sources confirm West had completed recording vocals for an animated sequel to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

It was back at New York Comic-Con we learned that West and ‘60s Batman co-star Burt Ward would reprise their animated roles once more for Batman Vs. Two-Face, featuring none other than William Shatner as the duplicitous Harvey Dent. Now, Warner Bros. confirms that West had completed work on the film prior to his passing, though no explicit Blu-ray, DVD or Digital HD release date has been set for 2017.

In addition to West and Ward, fellow Batman star Julie Newmar will also return to the role of Catwoman, as in the first film. The addition of Two-Face is a notable one, as sci-fi legend Harlan Ellison once wrote a Batman script for the character’s inclusion, though it was thought too grim for younger audiences. Another subsequent consideration had Harvey Dent as a newscaster whose face gets burned by an exploding stage-light, with a young Clint Eastwood allegedly in line for the role.

Either way, Batman Vs. Two-Face is bound to pay tribute to West, so stay tuned for news of its release later this year, and watch the first film’s trailer below.

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