Director Adam Wingard and his screenwriting partner Simon Barrett have yet to disappoint us—from the fantastic, subversive horror thriller ‘You’re Next’ to the throwback action flick ‘The Guest,’ the duo have been consistently delivering in the genre film department. Next up, the pair will head back to horror for the upcoming film ‘The Woods.’

What better setting for horror than the classic concept of going into the woods and discovering something terrifying lurking within? Wingard and Barrett have already tackled home invasion/masked killers with ‘You’re Next’ and John Carpenter-esque action in ‘The Guest,’ and their next project will presumably also see them applying their great sensibilities to another recognizable cinematic trope.

THR reports that Wingard is set to direct ‘The Woods’ for Lionsgate, based on a screenplay from Barrett which follows a group of college friends who go on a camping trip, only to discover a sinister threat waiting for them in—where else—the woods.

Wingard and Barrett, who also helmed segments of ‘V/H/S’ and ‘The ABCs of Death,’ are also reportedly attached to the U.S. remake of the fantastic South Korean revenge thriller ‘I Saw the Devil.’ The status of that project was not mentioned in the report from THR, making the timeline of production on their new films unclear.

And let this news serve as a reminder that if you haven’t seen ‘The Guest’ yet, it’s currently available to rent or own. Right now. As in, turn off your computer and go watch it.