Coming off of reporting Bravo's forthcoming adaptation of 'Heathers,' we're a lot happy to dip back into the adaptation well with news of A&E's upcoming 'Psycho' prequel TV series, 'Bates Motel.'  The series will look to explore the early dates of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous serial killer, particularly his relationship with his mother, but is former 'LOST' show-runner Carlton Cuse up to the task?  Does the new poster have us checking in to 'Bates Motel,' or giving a bad review?

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, we've gotten our first look at the poster and key art for A&E's 'Psycho' prequel TV series, 'Bates Motel,' set to debut sometime in 2013.  Given that only actress Vera Farmiga has been announced to play Norman Bates' mother Norma Bates, the poster certainly doesn't have much to show beyond an ominous roadside sign for the iconic motel.

Filming has begun on the prequel series, which bypassed the pilot stage altogether, as Cuse tells THR, "We are incredibly excited to start production on 'Bates Motel.' We think our take on the Bates family will both be surprising and subvert expectations. We can't wait for people to check in."

Developed by ‘LOST’s Carlton Cuse, ‘Bates Motel’ marks Cuse’s first genre TV project since ‘LOST’ ended in 2010.  ‘Friday Night Lights’ writer Kerry Ehrin will also join as a writer/EP working with Cuse. ‘Bates Motel’ takes a sort of ‘Twin Peaks’ meets ‘Smallville’ approach to telling the back-story of ‘Psycho’ killer Norman Bates, focusing on the killer’s days as a boy and how his life with his deranged mother and her lover drove him mad, eventually turning him the killer we know from Hitchcock’s film.

You can check out the brand-new poster below, and tell us if you'll be checking in to A&E's 'Bates Motel' in the comments!