This weekend, Will Smith and his son Jaden team up to survive an evolved and dangerous futuristic Earth in M. Night Shyamalan's big-budget 'After Earth.' Will you be seeing this sci-fi adventure?

Sony will unleash 'After Earth' in over 3,000 theaters, giving it a very high-profile release, which is strongly focused on the dynamic between the father-son superstars. (Director Shyamalan has been almost completely missing from the marketing materials thus far.) Jaden hasn't been front and center in a film since 2010's 'The Karate Kid,' but was a surprise hit. Will headlined last year's blockbuster 'Men in Black 3,' and is always a reliable draw, so combined their box office clout is considerable.

Box is predicting an opening weekend somewhere in the $35-37 million range, which would certainly be decent, but not stunning. The reviews have not been very kind (it sits at only a 6% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes), but that's rarely a solid indicator of a movie's anticipation level with the general audience.

So when will you be venturing 'After Earth'? Vote in our poll below!