The Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain, which has recently announced that it's expanding into places like San Francisco and Colorado, has now revealed that it's hitting its biggest market yet: New York City!

Alamo Drafthouse issued a press release earlier today stating that it will be taking over a five-screen theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side, formerly known as the Metro. Alamo will own and operate the venue at 100th Street and Broadway (just 8 short subway stops from Times Square), which it plans to reopen in 2013.

Did You Know? The historic location, which operated as a porn theater in the mid-'70s, was scheduled to be turned into an Urban Outfitters until Alamo came along. As part of the deal, the marquee and art deco facade on the exterior of the building must be preserved by any future tenant due to its landmark status.

Alamo founder and CEO Tim League said:

"My often-stated top priority for the Alamo Drafthouse has been to open a venue in New York. When we discovered the availability of the historic Metro theater, we immediately knew we had found the perfect location for our new Manhattan home."

As with all Alamo theaters, the New York location will offer a mix of new releases, repertory screenings and the Drafthouse's own unique programming, along with the chain's trademark at-your-seat food and drink service and its wonderfully strict no-talking/no-texting policy (made famous in this "Don't Talk" PSA).

New Yorkers looking for a job in management, kitchen staff, programming and bartending might want to go to the Drafthouse site for more information. As for everyone else, get set to enjoy what many feel is the best film viewing experience available today -- coming soon to the Big Apple!