Alex Pettyfer is signing on to join Kristen Stewart in the new Nick Cassavetes crime drama 'Cali,' a story about a young woman who fakes her own death with the help of her boyfriend so she can run away from everything.

According to Variety, Pettyfer is the latest to sign on for the film and will play the role of Chris, Kristen Stewart's boyfriend. Stewart will play Mya, a woman who fakes her own death via a faked snuff film with the help of Chris, but must return back to her home in the San Fernando Valley years later to help save her sisters.

Pettyfer was fantastic in Steven Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike,' proving he has some dramatic leading chops. 'Cali' should be an interesting follow-up.

The screenplay comes courtesy of Michael Diliberti, whose first film was '30 Minutes or Less,' starring Stewart's 'Adventureland' co-star Jesse Eisenberg as a slacker pizza delivery guy who gets kidnapped by two idiotic criminals and is forced to rob a bank. While that film was definitely a comedy, 'Cali' definitely sounds more dark and serious in tone.

Actor and director Nick Cassavetes is directing the film. His previous efforts include 'My Sister's Keeper,' the underrated crime drama 'Alpha Dog,' and 'The Notebook.' Here's hoping 'Cali' has more in keeping with 'Alpha Dog' than 'The Notebook.' (Unless Ryan Gosling gets involved, then yes, more kissing in the rain, please.)

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