Ever see the 1994 Alyssa Milano straight-to-DVD movie 'Embrace of the Vampire?' where she gets naked and rolls around with pretty vampire people? Don't worry, no one else has either. But that isn't going to stop a movie studio from making sure it gets remade!

Variety reports that Filmology Labs Entertainment and Grobman-Campbell Films are producing a remake of the 1994 movie. Alan Mruvka, who produced the first film and is producing the remake, had this to say about the indie film:

There's been a lot of interest lately to do a remake."

That quote right there should be enough proof that producers will say all kinds of crazy things they think are the truth. Like...

"Every adult on the planet wants to see a 6th Bloodrayne film."

"Things are fine. Reports of tension on set were all made up. Bale was just playing around."

"We don't cast based on who's hot in Hollywood right now. We cast by who's the most talented."

'Embrace of the Vampire' was about Charlotte, a college student sucked into the world of vampires by a handsome man of the night. Sharon Hinnendael, who starred in the Showtime series 'Look' and the indie movie 'Rites of Passage,' is starring in the remake which is already in production in Vancouver.

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