The Android console market might be getting a little bit cramped in the future. Rumors have been floating around of Amazon entering into the foray with their own console.

We have the Ouya, nVidia Shield, and Gamestick, but that might not be enough. According to Game Informer, we might just be seeing an Amazon console before the end of 2013. They claim it might be around Black Friday. If this is all true, Amazon will be a true behemoth in the Android console market.

If Amazon is throwing its entire weight behind a video game console, we may find ourselves with an Android console that we'll actually be happy to own. For now, all the offerings have a few benefits, but a lot of problems and pitfalls.

We'll have to wait and see if an Amazon console becomes a reality. Who knows, it might be the best of next-gen consoles being released, or it might end up as a doorstop.