The original 'Machete' was entertaining if not mostly unremarkable. It was what it was: a low-budget attempt to recreate some of the old grindhouse glory. What it really didn't need was a sequel, yet a sequel - 'Machete Kills' - is on the way and has surprisingly attracted an impressive cast. So far Mel Gibson and Oscar-nominee Damien Bachir have signed on to join returning cast members Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez. And now the sequel has another sexy new actress joining its ranks.

Variety reports that Amber Heard, last seen doing her best to rise above the 'Mad Men' ripoff 'The Playboy Club,' will join 'Machete Kills' as "Miss San Antonio," an assassin masquerading as a Texas beauty queen. Gibson will play an arms dealer who wants to launch a deadly missile. Trejo will play the Mexican out to stop him.

Heard may come across as one of those just-another-pretty-face actresses but she's deceivingly good; always smart enough to know how to play the eye candy role with a little panache.

Sadly, the fall of 'The Playboy Club' kinda slowed down a once promising career, but with all luck, 'Machete Kills' can give her a boost.

'Machete Kills' will start filming next month in Austin, Texas, perhaps not-so-coincidentally the home town of a one Ms. Heard.