It's not that AMC's in any lack for quality bank-rolling shows these days, what with 'Mad Men' in full swing, 'The Killing', along with the summer return of 'Breaking Bad' and eventually 'The Walking Dead,' but every year the network hunts for that next buzz-worthy pilot to have us all talking.  So what's next?

Would you believe that there's a full list of six pilot scripts being presented at AMC showcase (nicknamed "the bake-off"), all vying for a spot in development alongside the other award-winning greats?  Mind you, all six entries from last year's AMC showcase failed to make it to pilot, though previous years' entries have included 'Hell on Wheels' and 'The Killing,' both of which have seen moderate, though not quite breakout success.

According to Deadline TV, AMC executives are entertaining presentations from writers and producers for the following series, any of which might be the next water-cooler series you read about:

  • 'Low Winter Sun,' an adapttion of the New Zealand gothic murder mystery series written by Chris Mundy
  • 'Turn' a tale of American legend George Washington's inner network of spies from writer Craig Silverstein
  • 'Philly Lawyer,' a law student pilot from Richard LaGravenese
  • 'Crystal Pines,' a sci-fi morality tale about a journalist who signs up for a cloning experiment, from Jake Paltrow and Robbie Kinsburg
  • 'F/V Mean Tide,' chronicling a Main lobster fishing family, and written by Jason Cahill
  • 'Sacred Games,' an "epic story of crime and punishment in modern Mumbai," based on the novel by Vikram Chandra, and written by Kerry Williamson

At maximum, it's likely that AMC would only pick up two of the series, if any.  Personally, how bad-ass would it be to watch an AMC drama featuring George Washington? Which of the new AMC pilots do you most hope makes it to series?  Give your personal picks, or at least your own pitches in the comments below!