We're warning you, right now, about major spoilers for both 'The Walking Dead' as a comic series, and likely forthcoming spoilers for the remaining episodes of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' this season.  So if you'd rather not know any major plot points, this sentence is your port of harbor.  Be gone!

Are you still here?  We weren't kidding, things are about to get real!  'The Walking Dead' spoilers await you!

Anyway.  Shane dies.  So, there's that.

That is to say, that in Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead' comic series, the character Shane had something of a breakdown in its sixth issue, and wound up shot through the neck by Rick's son Carl to prevent his father any harm.  It was a pivotal moment for all characters involved, and one that would reverberate throughout the entire series.

Needless to say, any fans of both the comic books and TV series waited on bated breath for what might befall Jon Bernthal's Shane, only to be surprised by the character surviving the first season.  Now heading toward the end of its second, the conflict between the still-living Shane and his fellow survivors seems to be reaching a breaking point, and certain recently-announced news of Jon Bernthal's casting in former 'Walking Dead' showrunner Frank Darabont's new TNT series bodes rather ill for the character wouldn't you say?

Well, leave it to an AMC goof to confirm the news for you!  Earlier today, AMC's online shop posted promotional materials for 'The Walking Dead' season 2's Blu-ray release, but evidently weren't too careful in their description of the exciting special features!  Amidst tantalizing features such as "extended zombie gut scene" and "the making of the barn," one spectacularly spoiler-y tidbit slipped its way past the press team: "Shane's Last Episode"

Whoops!  The page has since been taken down, but it's hard to hold out any hope for Jon Bernthal's character after such an official-seeming slip.  At the very least, fans of the series will still have to watch the show to find out just how Shane bites the big one, unless you're one of those folk who track down and leak the real spoilers out to people.  In that case, shame on you.

What say you, 'Walking Dead' fans?  Are you excited for the AMC series to keep a bit of continuity with the comic book series, or will you miss Jon Bernthal's performance too much to keep on?  Maybe that season 3 casting of a new villain for Rick will wash away any lingering doubts!  Give us your take, or at least a hearty zombie groan in the comments below!