Last week we were able to experience the judges finally being stern with the contestants as they peeled off a layer of poor talent among the bunch. Now we're about to check out the first live show of this season's 'America's Got Talent.' Who will crack under pressure? Hopefully not too many contestants. That gets difficult to watch after awhile.

We travel all the way to New Jersey in order to shrink down our group of contestants. Right now we have a total of 48 acts. Now that's a little too much, and the judges agree. They're hoping that by the end of this week they cut some the less talented acts in order to make way for the next round, and we wonder how many times Howard will butt heads with Sharon and Howie. But this time it's not up to them as to who passes and who doesn't. The audience is allowed to call in and make their votes. Whoever is voted the most makes it to the next round.

First they begin with yet another showy entrance in front of an auditorium where the judges go through the red carpet. Basically the first half hour is showcasing some of the best and worst acts that have ever appeared on the stage. It's a way for new viewers to catch up with the show. By the way, can anybody explain to us why the judges in Vegas said that the next round was to take place in New York when it clearly isn't? We're confused as well, especially since this is their supposedly new home for the remainder of this season.

The first twelve quarter-finalists are up and the tension is high as usual. The judges come out in which easily is the most showy entrances they've ever done on this show. The first act is The Distinguished Men of Brass, the cool and soulful marching band that's made it so far by the hairs of their chinny chin chin. This performance isn't exactly the strongest one they've delivered on that stage.

Next up is Edon, the fourteen-year-old pianist and singer who's truly passionate about his work. Will it pay off in front of millions? He seems a bit hesitant to really show off his vocal pipes at first, stumbling. Sadly his voice is drowned out behind the music. The judges were fine until Howie said "Jew are terrific!" Is he allowed to say that?

Here's our favorite magicians, Jarrett and Raja who've had a hard time trying to convince everybody to buy their magic act. Let's see if they manage to do so with their act that includes performing "Singing in the Rain." It's cute, but too bad no actual act is going on right away. Ultimately, it's rather dull and only half of the crowd is happy with it.

Lil Starr, the slightly duck-faced girl is back on the stage ready to tap dance her way into America's hearts. Though we kind of hope that one of these days they'll train this cute little girl to stop doing the over-the-top cheerleader dance faces. Still, she can tap dance better than we ever can in our lifetimes.

Todd Oliver is coming out with his two doggies which are absolutely adorable. Todd is actually  funny with his act but can be better, so Sharon's critiques are justifiable. But Howard's got the best point; that he should step up the material by being raunchier/more topical.

Next up is the American BMX Stunt Team. What exactly makes them unique? The fact that they work together as a team mainly. Once again they have to work with a particularly small stage so we'll see as to whether or not these guys bust their heads in the quarterfinals.The stage really restricts them from really strutting their stuff. Basically, it's weak presentation this time.

Then comes Nikki Jensen, the Australian who decided to leave her home country in order to make it in the USA. She believes America is where all of the opportunities are, and it may be - she does have a unique voice. But it sounds like she's struggling with notes while singing a Coldplay song. Here's a suggestion: sing a song that isn't Coldplay. Though we disagree with Howie: she doesn't sound like Alanis Morrisette, she sounds more along the lines of a fast-paced Sarah McLachlan.

The Scott Brothers smoothly make their way onto the stage, ready to show that they are the superior dancers of the selection. They claim that they know how to entertain the audience, but how will they do that this time around? We're not entirely sure because they didn't look too impressive on the stage.

Up next is Michael Nejad, the man who can make an instrument out of anything. I'm waiting for him to make a flute out of a grilled cheese sandwich but we know that'll never happen. We're not entirely sure what rendition of any sort of song he's trying to play out of his shovel violin or baseball bat flute but... yeah. We just have no idea what's going on here.

Let's give a round of applause for the 787 Crew, one of the most notable of the 48 who were selected to go to the quarterfinals. They're energetic at least, but this didn't feel crazy great like their previous performances.

Shanice and Maurice Hayes are next. The father-daughter duo struggled during the Vegas portion of this show are they aren't pulling it off. Here, they struggle to stay on-key during a few parts of the performance, but everybody else thinks differently.

David Garibaldi and his CMYK's follow. They're one of the best talents to appear on the stage this season, not only for their ability to paint famous icons at such a rapid speed but combining that with dance. This is the only act that made everybody - including the judges - stand up out of their chairs and cheer. We're cheering too.

So now it's time for America to vote for who they think has what it takes to advance to the next round. We'll find out exactly who those lucky contestants are during tomorrow night's results episode of 'America's Got Talent.'