Last night we saw our share of wonderful and awful performances during 'America's Got Talent.' But this time America chooses who they want. Let's see if America made the right choices in the results show.

Everyone who competed last night are waiting in anticipation as to whether or not they'll be able to make it out of the quarterfinals. They're going in right away, letting them know who made it or not. First is the musical acts which includes Michael Nejad, the man who can make an instrument out of everything along with singers Nikki Jensen and the cute father-daughter duo Maurice and Shanice Hayes.

Before they release the results to the three each one of the judges basically recaps what they said to each contestant, and pretty much filling up time. The act that they choose to go forward to the next round is Shanice and Maurice Hayes. This may be great news but at the same time you have to recognize that Nikki pretty much got close to her dream but wasn't able to reach it. Maybe she'll be able to get a second chance after appearing on this show.

Then, of course, before we find out the results they let Cirque du Soleil do a performance. We're not entirely sure what the theme was for this performance but hey, everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Scott Brothers, Lil Starr and the 787 Crew are up now. Each one of these are very unique dance acts but also are wonderful in their own ways. You have The Scott Brothers, amazing dancers with some killer moves while the 787 Crew deals more with acrobats. Then there's Lil Starr, the hyper little girl with a knack for tap-dancing. But who will make it to the next round? Surprisingly it's The Scott Brothers who make it out on top. Since the two have been performing for the past who knows how many years surely they must be feeling spectacular. Howard thinks that The Scott Brothers may have the singers terrified. We'll see. After all, we haven't even seen half of the talent perform in the quarterfinals yet.

Bring out David Garibaldi and his CMYK's, Jarrett and Raja and the American BMX Team because only one of them is going to the next round. It's surprising that none of the judges are going out and saying who exactly they think is going to make it. Are they afraid that they'll be proven wrong? Perhaps. Thankfully David Garibaldi and his CMYK's were voted to be the best out of the three. Color us happy, along with Howard Stern who thinks that they can run away with this whole thing.

In order to cool their nerves, they brought the America's Got Talent contestants on a fun trip across New York City and ate some pizza. But before we're able to find out who's the last person to be voted in for the semifinals, we have to sit through Will.I.Am's latest auto-tuned song.

The Distiguished Men of Brass, Todd Oliver and Edon are the last group to step on the stage tonight to hear the final results. But there's a twist! The judges have to decide who to choose. But first they have to eliminate one of the three in order to make the judges' big decision slightly easier. Sadly that means The Distinguished Men of Brass are gone. That's disappointing to see.

Edon and Todd Oliver are the last two standing, but the judges have to decide who they want. For Howie, he thinks that Edon is "the chosen." But Howard Stern, even though he loves Todd Oliver, they're going ahead with the "child prodigy" Edon. Does anybody else think that Sharon is lying when she says - after Todd is eliminated - that she would have voted for Edon?

But now we're done for this first part of the quarterfinals. Check out the rest of the quarterfinals next week on 'America's Got Talent.'