Howard Stern, Sharon Osborne and Howie Mandel are back to dish out their criticism on another episode of 'America's Got Talent.' We're still chugging along through the quarterfinals as various talented acts succeed or fail miserably in their performances.

We start with the dance crew, The Untouchables. They're the group of little kids who are coached by the mother and father of The Miami All Stars, a dance troupe who managed to make it towards the finals. Maybe they'll be able to surpass how far the coaches went last season. We must admit that these little kids know how to move. This probably is the only time that the whole loud backdrop on the stage is beneficial for a group. Howard Stern already thinks that they're going to move forward because of their youth, passion and talent. Maybe they will, but we won't be able to find out until tonight.

Another person who may have a fifty-fifty chance making it to the next round is Rock Star Juggler Mike Price. The past couple of times he came out on the stage he's been so-so, but the question is will he mess up. This may be the first time that he's been able to step it up with the use of flames, but that still didn't stop him from screwing up on his performance at one point. It doesn't look like any of the judges are convinced that he'll be able to be voted into the next round.

Inspire the Fire, the slightly 'Glee' group whose energy and talent have brought them this far. We're just wondering where all of that energy and talent went during the performance. Howie Mandel calls them a "really cheesy, bad high school musical." It's a good thing that the judges didn't have final say

Christin Sandu is up on the stage next. He's the man who balances on a pillar over and over again. We have yet to see him really . Thankfully Howard Stern gave him some words of encouragement, but you can't excuse the fact that he messed up during his performance. We're not sure whether or not he'll be able to advance to the semifinals.

Elusive is back, a breakdancer who continues to blow away the judges through his sweet moves. Tonight he claims is his night to show everyone who he really is. It's a nice additional touch for him to lip sing to the song along with adding a bit of his personality into the mix. The judges are rather mixed over if Elusive

Next comes in Jake Wesley Rogers, a cute fifteen year old kid who looks like a more hipster version of Buddy Holly. None of the judges are really convinced that Jake has it in him to move forward, but he actually did a cool, dark rendition of Britney Spears' "Toxic." They're throwing him under the bus partially because of his age, which seems to be unfair.

Yep, it's that time again for All Wheel Sports to come out on stage and impress them with their extreme sports act. But the one thing that's always faltered when it pertains to the act is the fact that there's way too much all going on at once. It's really hard to concentrate on one part. They do have a bunch of spectacular pieces going on at once but does America dig it? We're not sure.

Wordspit and the Illest! is back and is ready to blow the roof off of the auditorium. It still feels a little bit disorganized in regards to their sound. They do feel a little bit more pieced together once the song really starts kicking in, but there's something about the tune that still doesn't fit. We don't agree with Howie Mandel in thinking that their original song will lose them votes.

Next up is comedian Jacob Williams, one of the better acts to pop out of this season. He's made audiences laugh the past couple of times with his jokes and did it once again. Sharon keeps judging him which is kind of odd. She basically keeps calling him names, which is really weird. But that's all right Jacob, we like your comedic skills.

All Beef Patty, the singer who finally spreads her wings during this performance of "Let's Hear It For The Boy." Granted, he/she could move around a lot more but she sounds better than before. Maybe that's why the judges aren't convinced that she'll be a huge Vegas act.

Ready to pee your pants? We introduce you to Spencer Horsman, the very young escape artist who has been scaring audiences with his death-defying acts. We wonder how his parents react to his career path. We agree with Sharon when we say that it was in some ways a little bit boring. Still,

Lightwire Theater. They tell a really cool little story, a bit more interesting than the dinosaur one that they did before. If they go ahead and get a good enough writer to help them form a show then we can definitely see Lightwire Theater land a show in Vegas no problem. As Howie said "What a way to end the show."

We'll be finding out who will be the next four groups to move forward tomorrow night on the next episode of 'America's Got Talent.'