We're going through yet another results portion of 'America's Got Talent' as we figure out who gets the remaining spots in the semi finals. The suspense is biting away at everyone and it's a thrill to sit through.

We more or less assume at this point that a couple of contestants who flubbed during their big moment will more than likely not make it to the next round. But is America thinking the same? Only four of the twelve acts can make the next step.

First we go through a series of recaps of the previous performers from the night before. The three they brought out is Rockstar Juggler Mike Price, comedian Jacob Williams and Cristin Sandu, the man who messed up right when he started his balancing act. The judges make their final observations and then they reveal that Jacob Williams is to leap into the semifinals. Since there are two comedians going against each other in the next part of the show, we wonder how each one of them will manage to step it up.

They show us some clips on how everything happens behind the scenes and how much manpower is put into switching the stages up so quickly during the commercial breaks. And before we find out who else will advance we were treated to a cute performance by the winners of the latest season of 'Britain's Got Talent.'

Now it's time for round two of results. Lightwire Theater, Inspire the Fire and All Beef Patty are stepping out now, anxiously awaiting their fate. The least impressive group out of the three was definitely the slightly off-key Inspire the Fire. Who makes it? Lightwire Theater of course. But hey, we think that All Beef Patty was pretty great.

Next up on the stage is the dancer Elusive, the dance troupe The Untouchables and the crazy talented young singer Jake Wesley Rogers. The act that makes its way into the semi finals is The Untouchables. We're extremely bummed that we didn't see Jake Wesley Rogers make it to the next round, but we're sure we'll be seeing him pop up on the radio sometime in the near future. Regardless, The Untouchables are still a great talent and we can see why they got the slot.

There's one spot left in the semifinals, but who will get it? We don't know just yet, mainly because singer/DJ Havana Brown comes out and performs a song on stage before they dish out the results. Then as soon as we know it, we're going through the recaps of Spencer Horsman the escape artist, Wordspit the Illest! and All Wheel Sports. But before the judges figure out who they want to keep, America shrinks down the group of three to two as they send home Spencer Horsman. You did great Spencer Horsman, best of luck to you!

We still need to figure out which of the two groups will be moving forward. They coax them with a bunch of seemingly kind words instead of just spitting out who they want. Howard Stern goes for Wordspit the Illest! right off the bat while Howie Mandell beats around the bush like crazy when he tells everyone that his decision is All Wheel Sports. Now it's up to Sharon to make the final decision which ends up being All Wheel Sports.

That's it for this week's 'America's Got Talent.' Make sure you watch the show next Tuesday at 8 PM as we figure out who will be the last batch of talent to make it to the semi finals.

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