In 2006, environmental conservation advocate and former Presidential candidate Al Gore unveiled his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, a call to action regarding the urgent dangers of global warming. And that was that — viewers recognized the importance of preserving the planet, green technology completely supplanted carbon-emitting fossil fuels, and Earth got back on track towards a clean bill of health. Ha! No, the opposite is true, and we’re all going to get swallowed up by a great deluge sent by Mother Gaia. As our recently inducted commander-in-chief prepares to gut the EPA like a trout (and enjoy that analogy, because at this rate, our grandchildren will not know what a trout is), things are getting worse than ever, and it falls to Gore once again to remind us that we are literally killing ourselves.

Paramount drew back the curtain on An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, which debuted at Sundance, during its presentation yesterday at CinemaCon, the trade convention for cinema owners where studios preview their wares for the year to come. The trailer begins with — who else — former Apprentice host and current chronic thing-mover Donald Trump joking on a cold night with a crowd at one of his rallies that we could really use some global warming. Cut to direct evidence that Gore was right all along, and that we should have listened when he told us that a natural cataclysm could have the power to flood the World Trade Center disaster site. He cycles back through the same talking points from the first presentation: that irresponsible consumption of finite resources will have a tangible effect on our planetary ecology, which then results in disasters not unlike Hurricane Sandy, or worse. Gore travels the globe, listening to and telling stories about people whose lives have been affected by the all-too-real scourge of climate change.

There’s a bite of fire in Gore’s delivery this time that wasn’t there before, and who can blame him? While major governments have stepped up to affect positive change in their countries, Earth continues on its death spiral undeterred. We’ll need a massive effort if we hope to live through the next 150 years as a human species. This could be the first step.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power hits theaters July 28.

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