Is Will Ferrell’s ‘Anchorman’ sequel going to be a ‘Chorus Line’-style musical? Probably not. That’s too much to ask. But that’s the vibe I’m getting off of this early teaser poster for ‘Anchorman 2,’ which may (or may not) be subtitled ‘The Legend Continues.’

The poster was tagged by The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide (and shared via ComingSoon). It arrives just ahead of an alleged ‘Anchorman’ sequel teaser trailer that Paramount plans to attach to prints of Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’ starting this week.

We haven’t seen the teaser yet, but it reportedly involves all four cast members riffing about their return. The last thing McKay told the media about the sequel, they were still hammering out the script. It’s unlikely they’ve filmed anything for the sequel besides this teaser. We’ll post it as soon as it makes it’s way online.

Until then, we have this poster. That’s Ron in the middle, with his signature red suit. Who is that on the left? They appear to have two different pant legs. That has to be Steve Carell’s dim-witted Brick, right?

We have a long time until the ‘Anchorman’ sequel reaches theaters in 2013. But between the Conan O’Brien appearance, the teaser trailer and now this poster, it’s obvious Paramount’s going to promote the daylights out of this sequel, turning it into a massive hit for the studio. Well, that’s if the movie’s any good. It has to be, though. Right?

Anchorman 2 poster