While most of NBC's new lineup appears to be doing rather well in the ratings, 'Animal Practice' stands out as one of the few new NBC shows that the network hasn't made any kind of decision over. Both 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' were updated to full-season orders, but what of the so-called "monkey doctor show"? Will a guest appearance and a bit of meta comedy from Adam Goldberg be enough to turn the tide on the fledgling funny-maker?

Less than a season in, and they're already going meta. Somebody call 'Community'! Though not quite a darling in the ratings just yet, NBC's Justin Kirk and a monkey-starring 'Animal Practice' has just attracted its first guest star, in a role thta won't be too much of a stretch for him. TVLine reports that actor Adam Goldberg will star on the series in an upcoming episode, appearing as...actor Adam Goldberg.

Within the show, Goldberg acts as the star of 'Laws of the Jungle,' a drama to which Angela (Betsy Sodaro) and Rizzo the monkey are addicted. 'Laws of the Jungle' also features Goldberg with an ape sidekick named Shapiro, likely both the cause of Rizzo's infatuation and Goldberg's reason for checking into the hospital.

No date has been set for Goldberg's appearance on the series, though the actor is no stranger to TV with 'White Collar,' 'Entourage,' 'The Unusuals' and 'NYC 22' under his belt. Be sure to tune into 'Animal Practice,' and let us know who else you'd like to see on the show in the comments!