The trailer for Suicide Squad might have been a little divisive when it came to convincing people that the movie itself was worth seeing, but the one thing we can all agree on was that it was a pretty great trailer. It was put together very well, with music and dialogue that set a tone that no other DC movie has managed to capture. And now, it’s been put together again, but with a twist.

YouTube’s own Reuven White has re-cut the trailer using footage from the DC Animated Universe, including Batman: The Animated SeriesJustice League and more, matching it all up to the audio from the official version, and it’s pretty great. Give it a watch!

As you might expect, White leans pretty heavily on the “Task Force X” episode of Justice League Unlimited, where the Suicide Squad took on the League’s Watchtower for a big superheroic heist. What makes it really interesting, though, is where there have to be substitutions.

The Enchantress, for instance, never made it to the animated universe, so in the absence of June Moone and her alter-ego, we get Tala as a stand-in. It’s a pretty great choice, too, not just because of their similar mystical backgrounds, but because, as a second-tier Phantom Stranger villain, Tala is one of the few characters who’s actually as obscure as the Enchantress was before Ostrander, Yale and McDonnell brought her back for the Squad.

Also, White’s version of Suicide squad has Vigilante, the Creeper and Hawkgirl in it, and that’s a team worth rooting for.

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5.