The name Cronenberg might be familiar, but the Cronenberg behind 'Antiviral' is not David Cronenberg. Instead it comes from Brandon Cronenberg (David's son), and the apple has not fallen too far from the tree. This body horror film looks like the sort that David would have directed in between 'Scanners' and 'Videodrome.' And that's a compliment.

'Antiviral' first screened at Cannes this year where it got a mixed reaction. Caleb Landry (probably best known for 'X-Men: First Class') stars as a dealer who sells people the diseases of famous celebrities. When one of his clients dies, he's on a noir-ish mission to find out what killed her, as he's got the same disease coursing through his system.

The film is being handled by IFC films stateside, which means there's a very good chance it will go the video on demand route but has also been playing festivals, which means that if it wins awards it could get a slightly wider launch. And though it may be familiar to the family, word is that this Cronenberg has some ideas of his own. And it's been a while since someone made a good body horror film. In fact the last one was probably made by Brandon's father.