The success of Arrow has now preceded no less than four CW DC dramas, so might Archie follow suit after the rave reception of Riverdale? A new development deal with Archie Comics could see additional characters landing shows to complement the malt shop murder-mystery, if not additional superhero series.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the actual Archie Comics has signed a new development deal with Warner Bros. Television, aimed at creating new TV and original content properties from under the Archie umbrella. Mind you, that deal isn’t limited to the Archie characters seen and referenced in The CW’s Riverdale, but those outlined by Archie CEO Jon Goldwater:

Archie is unique in that we have a huge library of characters that are not only recognizable, but they’re successful and entertaining. Everyone knows Josie [and the Pussycats] and Sabrina [the Teenage Witch]. Beyond that, we have an entire pantheon of heroes and villains that are perfect for TV or movies. Not to mention Katy Keene, Black Hood, Sam Hill, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to start talking about what we have coming up.

Josie and the band have already put in Riverdale appearances, with numerous suggestions that Sabrina might follow, but what other Archie-related properties are best-suited for the TV treatment?

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