Just because he’s now the host of The Celebrity Apprentice doesn’t mean Arnold Schwarzenegger is throwing in the towel on his Hollywood comeback. (Thank goodness.)

The Hollywood Reporter has the details on an exciting sounding project that’s being shopped at this year’s American Film Market. It’s called 478 and would partner Schwarzenegger with Black Swan and Requiem For a Dream filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. Here’s the plot synopsis:

The film, now in pre-production, will see Schwarzenegger play a man whose wife and daughter are killed in a tragic mid-air collision. His life takes an unexpected turn when he seeks revenge on the person responsible. Elliott Lester will direct from a script by Javier Gullon.

So there’s the one big caveat: Aronofsky’s only producing this movie, not directing it. (Lester’s previously the director of the okay Jason Statham vehicle Blitz.) Schwarzenegger experts (and there are so many of us) will recognize the basic outline of this story from Collateral Damage, where Schwarzenegger’s wife and child are killed in a terrorist attack, and he heads to South America to find the man responsible and bring him to justice. (And by justice, I mean his fists.)

It really would be a shame if Schwarzenegger’s so-so box office performance since he return to Hollywood from Sacramento and the governorship of California killed this late-career renaissance he’s been having. Quietly, he’s put together a string of satisfying thrillers that also explored his image as an action star. Movies like The Last StandSabotageEscape Plan, and Maggie have all reworked the old Schwarzenegger figure in new and interesting ways. Even Terminator Genisys, which I enjoyed even if no on else did, had lots of fun Arnold moments. Simply, the guy still has more fight in him, and it’s good he’s not just going to be picking up Donald Trump’s old gigs. Finally, here is an exclusive image from inside the meeting between Aronofsky and Schwarzenegger where they sealed the deal to make 478.