After being bumped up to an 'Arrow' series regular in season 2, Colton Haynes' Roy Harper is making another leap -- this time to becoming a full-fledged member of Team Arrow, and he's bringing his red hood with him as he goes by a name comic book fans will be quite familiar with: Arsenal.

Entertainment Weekly has our first look at star Colton Haynes as Arsenal, and you know he just had to bring his red hood along with him. Last season saw Haynes' Roy Harper injected with Slade's Mirakuru serum, sending him down a rather aggressive path. But now that he's been freed from that anguish, we're seeing another side of Harper emerge: Arsenal. Previously, we saw Oliver train Roy to join Team Arrow, and by the end of season 2, Oliver had gifted Roy with a red mask.

We won't have to wait long to see Roy as Arsenal, as the new alter-ego will make his debut in the first episode of season 3, which premieres October 8 on the CW. We also know that Caity Lotz will make her return as Black Canary, 'Superman Returns' star Brandon Routh has been cast in a recurring role as tech magnate Ray Palmer (aka The Atom), and Peter Stormare will star as Vertigo. In addition, 'Real Steel' star Karl Yune will play Oliver's handler in the Hong Kong flashback, while 'Sin City' star Devon Aoki will play comic character Katana.

Check out the first full photo of Colton Haynes as Arsenal below, and be sure to check back with us this week as we keep you posted with all the latest 'Arrow' news from Comic-Con 2014!

Entertainment Weekly/CW
Entertainment Weekly/CW

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